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A new chapter: How did a family-run
nutraceutical company become a member of Medicines Australia?

The FIT-BioCeuticals (FIT) success story has reached a new chapter - we have proudly become the first company of our type to be accepted as a member of Medicines Australia.

"This is a huge achievement for our company - one which concretes our commitment to research," explains Group Education Manager at FIT, Kate Barry.

Sean Hall - CEO
Sean Hall - CEO

The story so far...

The FIT story dates back to its foundation in high quality, high dose nutraceuticals. FIT continued to push the envelope of innovation, with investments in research and development quickly becoming the unique strength of our company. Soon, the door into drug development was opened.

FIT was the first to put a shelf stable vitamin D emulsion on the Australian market, with multiple patents pending on our products, BioCeuticals® D3 Drops and D3 Drops Forte. Clinically trialled at the Children's Hospital at Westmead, NSW, our vitamin D3 liquid is just one example of our numerous research successes.

It's this kind of unique initiative that is taking us places. FIT now promotes a total healthcare package, offering medicine choice to patients and clinicians alike.

Partnership: on the same page

Medicines Australia represents The Australian Medicines Industry, which engages in up to $1billion of research, participates in health and industry policy development and plays a pivotal role in ensuring a productive and healthy community.... Exactly what we at FIT aim to achieve!

As a qualified natural health practitioner at FIT, Kate Barry never expected to be sharing a boardroom table alongside pharmaceutical company members of Medicines Australia. Now, says Kate, she feels not only privileged but also very respected to be working and contributing on behalf of a company who is part of Medicines Australia.

"FIT's engagement in research has been recognised by Medicines Australia. This is inspirational for our industry and further sparks my passion for evidence-based medicine," says Kate.

"As a company, membership gives us exposure to a highly regulated industry. As a company and an industry, it gives us a voice in speaking with the Australian Government," adds Kate.

FIT's staff of allied healthcare professionals is looking forward to our medicines receiving the recognition they deserve - at both a public and government level.

Fitting into the mix

So how can this partnership benefit you? Chief Executive Officer at FIT, Sean Hall, says the company is firstly aiming to ensure Australia understands how hard we're working to bring forward medicines that improve lifestyle, reduce pain and promote wellbeing for patients.

"We're excited to be the intermediary between our clients - the qualified healthcare practitioners - and the representative body who engages with government departments, consumer groups and health professionals to develop health and industry policy," says Sean.

Simply, this impressive feat recognises the contributions that FIT has and will continue to make to innovative research and development in Australia.

"Together, we will bring progressive change for the mutual benefit of practitioners and patients. And we will proudly take you with us on our continuing journey," adds Sean.


Yours in health,
Jennifer Joseph
Media Liaison